Market Snapshot

"How's the market?" 

We get asked this question a lot. Below is a tool that gives you the ability to see what the market is like in your community. Find out what homes like your own are selling for right in your back yard. Simply enter in your address, choose the proximity of the search and find out market data for other homes that are selling near you. The report is based on the location of your home and you can easily customize the report to compare the data that is most important to you.

While we'll provide you with plenty of information, this is a snapshot of your market data and there are real people behind the high-tech and automated tools.  If you would like more detailed information or help in understanding the results we are here to help.

Until then, enjoy the tools!

Map View

View properties around your home that have recently sold, changed in price or are for sale. You may choose to view all properties, or narrow your search to only similar homes to yours.

Scatter Plot

See where your home compares to properties with similar list prices, square footage and price per square foot.

Radius and Polygon Search

Narrow down your comparison by selecting a proximity to your home by radius, or get even more detailed by drawing a polygon outline around your home to define the search area.

Market Snapshot Email Report

Receive a comparison summary to your inbox, a complement to the full online report with up-to-date For Sale Listing and Sold Data.